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June 16, 2008

Obscured by Clouds

Filed under: Politics — danylmc @ 1:50 pm

NZPA have a story up on the Herald site about the Labour’s parties latest exercise in electoral suicide, their Emissions Trading Scheme. It has emerged from select committee with more than 1000 amendments. Labour’s strategists now have two options:

  1. Rush the hastily amended, highly complex legislation into law by buying off the Greens and Winston Peters, paying a high political price now and ensuring at least six months of dire headlines as horrible mistakes and unintended consequences in the law are bought to light repeatedly embarrassing the government right in the middle of an election campaign they’re already losing.
  2. Admit the bill is dead and face a couple of days bad news focusing on the failure (which you can mostly blame on National).

Scenarios like this are when Clark’s ultra-competitive personality undermine her own self-interest and that of her party – she’ll press for a parliamentary victory even if it is spectacularly pyrrhic one.


  1. Unfortunately, it’s not quite as simple as that…

    If the bill isn’t passed before parliament quits for recess, it’s likely not to happen for another 3 years at least. National have no interest in passing any kind of ETS, funny how “user pays” doesn’t apply in that scenario.

    Personally, I would rather them continue to work on improving the bill and squeeze a commitment out of National (and their prospective coalition partners) to at least look into it. Unfortunately the Nats don’t seem to be in the mood for making commitments however they did support the bill previously so hope is not lost.

    The need for an ETS is urgent, though. Kyoto is a reality and cannot be changed. If not for curbing emissions by price signals then at least for lessening the taxpayer burden for our liabilities under Kyoto.

    Comment by Chris S — June 16, 2008 @ 2:06 pm

  2. If we were a large economy like the US or Germany then a three year delay in implementing emissions trading would be unacceptable. Since we’re New Zealand and our emissions are negligible then its no bad thing. I’d much rather wait for three years than have the government pass some absurd, totally unworkable law out of political desperation.

    Comment by danylmc — June 16, 2008 @ 3:53 pm

  3. […] Dim-Post looks at the options for Labour with the ETS: […]

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  4. Chris S

    National have no interest in passing any kind of ETS, funny how “user pays” doesn’t apply in that scenario.

    Kyoto is expressedly non-user pays, you can emit as much carbon as you want as long as you do it in non-Annex I countries you will not pay a cent. It is not particularly funny either.

    Comment by unaha-closp — June 16, 2008 @ 6:43 pm

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