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June 29, 2008

The Illuminati Strikes Again

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I don’t know if you’ve looked outside today, but its pretty goddamn grim. And, as is often the way when I can’t go outside and play I found myself over at Ian Wisharts blog.

J G Ballard once wrote that sex and paranoia are the twin leitmotifs of the 20th century. They’re certainly the main preoccupations of Ian and his admirers. I love this thread, regurgitating the Obama birth certificate ‘controversy’. It gets really weird towards the end with this comment from one of the regulars, ‘usabikes’.

Saw this disturbing video of Obama recently that if publicised I would have thought should have ended his presidential race. You almost get the feeling that a like-minded media is protecting him or something.

. . . it showed Obama on a plane flight having a telephone discussion while parading around with an erection. He even put his leg up on a chair to give the rest of the plane a good look.

This clean-cut, nicely spoken man is a degenerate liar, I certainly wouldn’t put it past him to have falsified this birth certificate.

Naturally the video does not appear to be available, although a google search for ‘barack obama erection’ (the things I do for you guys) turns up a site called, a web community devoted to conspiracy theories and largely populated by right-wing religious americans, although there’s enough UFO, pagan and left-wing craziness to keep anyone amused for days.

These folk are very excited about the rumoured Obama erection video. Sample posts:

  • I saw it on GLP last night and kinda thought it would spread and become a major problem for him. He looked dazed and weird on the plane, like he was on drugs, stretching and posing so people could clearly see him pitching a tent in his slacks.
  • what a dumb ape
  • Typical Illimunati mind control. Obama is playing his part well. This is all to subconciously and conciously make whites especially white males more disgusted with black males by having Obama do this to a room full of white women.
  • He might have benign prostate enlargement. This can cause a boner at unpredictable times.

Like I said, the video does not appear to be available but the good folk over at ‘GLP’ kindly posted a link to a photo confirming Obama’s tumescent state. White males should be cautioned that the waves of digust towards black’s you’ll feel after clicking the link play right into the Illuminati’s plans. Consider yourselves warned.


  1. I don’t know how I came across it, but I did see the video. It was weird. I have no idea if it was fake or not, and decided I didn’t really want to know. Ones of those things you put down and leave alone, and just forget the whole thing. Until today anyway.

    Now, how do I flush my cache and clean up all evidence of having even seen it?

    PS: You can delete this comment for me can’t you?

    Comment by ZenTiger — June 30, 2008 @ 9:45 pm

  2. […] “Obama erection” speaks for itself, but the enduring popularity of Ayn Rand is something of a mystery. […]

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