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June 15, 2009

Lazy youtube blogging

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Partly because I like this Fleet Foxes song and video but mostly because I want to bump that Sherbet picture off the top of my screen:

Last nights dream

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Not to make a habit of this, since there’s nothing more tedious than hearing about other peoples dreams but I thought this one was worth recording:

Georg Hegel and Karl Marx were building a large beachfront mansion near my childhood home in Karehana Bay. They explained to me that when the mansion was finished I could go inside it and watch a pornographic movie. However, as they made very slow progress and bickered over trivial details it became apparent that the mansion would never be finished in their lifetimes and the work would have to be completed by subsequent generations. I would never watch the adult movie. I don’t remember the rest of the dream.

As well as being weird and (hopefully) amusing this dream seems like a perfect metaphor for the failure of the Hegelian/Marxist notion of social progress (although this means failure to watch a porno is analogous to the famine in the Ukraine, cultural revolution etc so maybe perfect is not the word I’m looking for).

June 14, 2009

Photo of the day, it was the 70’s edition

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Publicity photo for 70's Australian pop group 'Sherbet'.

My friend John-Paul is not frightened or intimidated by this. He explains:

Sherbet were huge in Australia in the 1970s.  Their biggest hit was Howzat! I don’t know anything about them beyond this song which I can sort of hum the chorus to.  My question though has to be: what the hell made them think this photo shoot was a good idea?  When you swallow the little bit of vomit in your mouth and look at this photo more closely all kinds of secondary questions start developing.  Check out the guy on the right.  Woah!  Easy partner.  Actually if you think about where all these limbs are going, and what was involved in setting this photo up (did they cover themselves with the bubbles, or did they help each other?) the mind boggles.  I’ve read a little about Sherbet since seeing this photo and none of the biographies mention them as being Australia’s first openly gay band so I have to assume they were straight.  Presumably then this photo was intended for a female audience.

Ladies craving more Shebert can see them performing Howzat here, posted on Youtube by a user called nzoz1976. This appears to be a person who has uploaded hundreds of songs that were popular in Australia and New Zealand during the 70’s and 80’s – all of which might be useful to John-Paul on his insane quest:

What I’m going to do infact is review every number one from the day I was born (9 March, 1973) until now (ish).  I’m not sure exactly how this will shape up.  I have lots of ideas, but I won’t know which ones work until I give it a go.

If I remember correctly Witney Houston and Bryan Adams were number one from about 1991 to 98 so that ought to be a pretty easy era. And I’ll be fascinated to read JP’s analysis of this.

The grand plan

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Bill Ralston buys into the National bloggers theory that the Worth debacle was a Labour ‘honeytrap’:

Leaving the Korean woman’s allegations to one side, it is also now apparent that the Choudary affair was largely a Labour set-up.

So if I have this right, Labours plan was to specifically target one of the least impressive Ministers in Key’s government – one who wasn’t even in cabinet – with this elaborate snare, operating on the assumption that Worth would be eventually be investigated by the police on an unrelated charge and then be sacked by Key for reasons that the Prime Minister would refuse to disclose – at which point Labour could pounce! And Key walked right into it!

In the comments to the Mt Albert post Sammy pointed to Ralston’s predictions about the outcome of the by-election back in April:

Come the by-election on June 13, Labour could face real humiliation. It could lose the seat or, at least, have that more than 10,000-vote lead slashed to a few hundred or less. …

Melissa Lee is a trained media professional, which should be of great advantage because by-elections are almost presidential contests, with the candidates getting much more media exposure than they would normally get in a general election. …

A low turnout could be a disaster [for Labour] … National is in a win-win situation.

With judgement like this it’s hard to see how Ralston can survive on a daily basis (‘I predict this ground glass and drain cleaner will be tasty and nutritious despite what all the politically correct know-it-alls say.’)

Just to blow my own trumpet, I repeatedly predicted that Shearer would win easily, a call that seemed more like stating the bleeding obvious than exercising any political acumen.

Interesting, though, how the blogosphere set expectations around the by-election. DPF’s posts about the ‘Tizard effect’ and Labour’s response to them generated the impression that Mt Albert was ‘in play’, Labour were ‘running scared’ etc. And Cameron Slater kept claiming that someone was leaking him internal Labour polls that had Shearer and Lee neck and neck. Slater is a fool and a liar so I’m not sure if anyone other than Bill Ralston took any of this seriously but it certainly didn’t help Slater’s party in terms of setting realistic expectations around the outcome.

Mt Albert observations

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1. According to TVNZ the Labour Party had about 400 volunteers working on a GOTV campaign yesterday; with 19,992 total votes cast that gave them just over 2% of the total voter pool volunteering for the campaign – a staggering number.

2. Shearer seems like he’ll make a very good cabinet Minister; but Labour already have loads of people who will make great Ministers. One thing this by-election showed was that the National Party has an ongoing problem attracting high quality MPs. If the by-election hadn’t happened Lee might have been promoted in a future reshuffle and found herself sitting in cabinet. Chilling.

3. It looks as if National’s supporters stayed home in droves; ~3,400 votes still seems pretty high considering the quality of Lee’s campaign. Boscowen will be disappointed that none of that support transferred to him.

4. I thought that Shearers huge lead in the polls would cause some left-wing voters to support Russel Norman but this totally failed to happen. The Greens disappointed on the day (as they always do) and Norman underperformed in relation to the polls. Still a good result for him but a second place victory would have been a major coup.

Mt Albert Reax

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Here’s my Mt Albert scorecard. National 2/10 – a complete train wreck. Act 5/10 – good effort but they’re on the ropes. Labour 7/10 – David Shearer deserves his victory and will be a good MP. Greens 8/10 Norman was the best candidate.

Matt McCarten

34,963 voted in 2008. Under 20,000 less than a year later on quite a fine day – that’s shockingly poor turnout. Is it even more than 50%?
Ravi Musuku [the previous National candidate who ran against Helen Clark twice] was written off and under the pressure of a by-election he would have shed votes in buckets, but would he have collapsed to less than 20% of the vote! FFS – that is a total thrashing. 17.1% for the ruling National party is what the international summary will read. How much of this will backwash to the PM. Where is he to be seen? Is he consoling the shredded candidate or is she just the next MP he will “wash my hands of”. His management and National’s strategy over the über city should be worrying team blue.

Tim Selwyn

[Helen] Clark texted her congratulations from the Congo tonight to team Labour which is still partying rowdily at a warehouse in Kingsland. Jonathan Hunt is here. President Andrew Little is here – and he will be appearing on the Q and A panel in the morning with Don Brash. Plenty of ethnic representation too but no sign of Neelam Choudary.

It was Shearer’s win but Phil Goff is treating it as a triumph and who could blame him? This is his first real victory.

Audrey Young

. . . the National Party and the Government must accept a fair measure of blame. Last year Melissa Lee was a “star” candidate, fast-tracked through the list with little scrutiny by the party. As a list candidate she had never developed the bare-knuckle skills required on the hustings for someone contesting an electorate seat.

Charging into the fight in Mt Albert, impelled by her own blind ambition and a party organisation that obviously never asked itself if she had “the right stuff”, Lee crashed and burned.

Lee was the wrong person, in the wrong place, at entirely the wrong time.

Bill Ralston

The reflection is on the Labour Party. Anything less than a landslide result reflects poorly on them.

Melissa Lee

June 13, 2009

Michael Laws vs John Keats

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Read about the cut-up technique here. This poem merges text from ‘Ode to a Nightingale’ by John Keats and ‘Good looking, feisty, un-PC… Melissa Lee’s a National treasure’ by Michael Laws. Textual sources here and here

what a warm National the harbour regards
culture is pouring on Mt Albert; characters, bad Auckland light, incorrectness
and LEE of Albert damning.
but in Auckland quite anything fades now
Fades racist into the foam blown drunk.
Journalists too few, as are waking activities
blushful alluring. decided for minutes the Full become circuits
this is full of deep wine,
But is of Dance and suburb.
thus a culture dies; We are none a Zealand.
Pakeha, adieu!
empirical fade
for scum will on regardless

June 12, 2009

The nature of Ryall

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ryallIdiot/Savant points to this recent photo of Tony Ryall and asks:

So, is it just the way he’s standing, is it a side-effect of swine flu, or is Ryall really Nyarlathotep?

The question is not unreasonable; Nyarlathotep manifests in many forms, from the dreaded Black Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt to the horrible ‘dark man’ of European Witch cults. But he is usually an object of worship, which does not describe Mr Ryall; besides which it would be totally out of character for Nyarlathotep to take such a prominent role in government. The Crawling Chaos prefers to work from behind the scenes.

So who or what is Tony Ryall? I draw I/S’s attention to this well known excerpt from the Necronomicon:

of Their semblance can no man know, saving only in the features of those They have begotten on mankind; and of those are there many sorts, differing in likeness from man’s truest eidolon to that shape without sight or substance which is Them

It seems likely that Ryall is either the offspring of an unholy union between mankind and The Great Old Ones, a servant of Nyarlathotep conspiring in some plot to annihilate our species or (and I think think this is probably the case) both.

As usual I/S has rushed to judgement without thinking things through – I believe he owes Mr Ryall and/or whatever mindless alien demon inhabits the soulless husk of Ryall’s body an apology. However I’m not holding my breath.

Heh heh. ‘Worthless’. Geddit?

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You know who this is bad news for? Phil Goff. He should resign as Labour leader.

I’ve been a bit confused by the line taken by the Nat cheerleaders – DPF, Slater, Electra Kate etc, the gist of which is that the attacks against Worth are insubstantiated politicised smears and that Worth should resign immediately.

With Labour’s attacks seeming less plausible by the day I’d come to the conclusion that Worth shouldn’t resign, since it would basically be an admission that the allegations made against him were true; the exception to this being if the allegations were true in which case he should go as soon as possible. I guess a Friday evening before a high profile by-election is as good as it gets.

Hysterical quotes of the day

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How extraordinary of John Key to align himself with western history’s most notorious coward in his statement that he had “washed his hands” of Richard Worth.

‘John A’, one of The Standard’s seemingly endless, interchangable authors.

There are three articles and posts today that are starting to paint the picture that Mrs Choudary may have been pimped out by Mr Goff . . . they all point to the fact that Phil Goff has known about and orchestrated this whole set of events including possibly pimping out Mrs Choudary to Dr Worth as some form of entrapement.

Faulknerian man-child and National Party spokesperson Cameron Slater.

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