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October 6, 2009

Jack is a super-position

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Christ's Church Spitalfields

Christ's Church Spitalfields. Whitechapel.

A Russian con-artist, a Polish barber, an Irish-American quack and even the eldest son of Edward VII have all been accused of being [Jack the Ripper] who, for one summer in 1888, brought terror to the heart of the East End before disappearing without a trace.

Now, the historian Mei Trow claims to have uncovered another potential suspect, one who fits a modern forensic profile of the killer but has, until now, been overlooked by “Ripperologists”.

Mr Trow believes that the mortuary attendant Robert Mann, who lived in the area where the killings took place and had a good knowledge of anatomy, would have been regarded as a prime suspect had modern profiling techniques been available to baffled police officers at the time.

Jack the Ripper may have been mortuary attendant; New Zealand Herald. Tuesday October 6, 2009

Each new book provides fresh details, finer crennelations of the subject’s edge. It’s area, however, can’t extend past the initial circle: Autumn, 1888. Whitechapel.

Jack mirrors our hysterias. Faceless, he is the receptacle for each new social panic. He’s a Jew, a Doctor, a Freemason or a wayward Royal.

The complex phantom we project. That alone we know is real. The actual killer’s gone, unglimpsed, might as well not have been there at all.

From Hell. Alan Moore. Knockabout Comics. 1999.


  1. You forgot to pimp Trow’s new book and the new documentary. I mean, that’s why it’s doing the rounds in the media, isn’t it.

    Comment by chris — October 6, 2009 @ 7:58 pm

  2. “that’s why it’s doing the rounds in the media, isn’t it.”
    Then it’s a good chance to talk about media and psycho-killers.

    On the advent of late 19th century mass-media,
    Jack the Ripper sold a lot of papers.

    Comment by Adhominem — October 6, 2009 @ 9:55 pm

  3. I recall some big shot FBI fella who was an expert in serial murders profiling the ripper.

    His basic conclusion was the ripper’s victims were getting more mutilated each time, the ripper was losing it big time and would not have been able to just stop. The ripper must have died shortly after killing his last victim. He came up with a few suspects.

    Anyone coming up with a new suspect the first question is when did they die? Doesn’t say when Robert Mann died.

    Comment by Simon — October 7, 2009 @ 3:11 pm

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