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October 4, 2012

Apparently the best part of the job is helping people

Filed under: general news — danylmc @ 9:45 am

The Otago Daily Times breaks the story that the national parking warden conference is in Dunedin this weekend:

Yesterday association committee member Heather Miller delivered a presentation on the history of number plates and today there will be a parking enforcement photograph competition before the association’s annual general meeting.

I recommend the entire article.


  1. “We help people find their cars if they can’t remember where they parked…help find lost children and elderly people”

    Losing elderly people? Is this a thing?

    Comment by David C — October 4, 2012 @ 9:48 am

  2. “The number of times I’ve been told to take a run and jump, or that my mother wasn’t married to my father…”
    Hamilton, you really need to get a little better at the insults

    Comment by garethw — October 4, 2012 @ 10:03 am

  3. In breaking news, a Queenstown parking warden is upset he can no longer enter the photo competition, he was sure he was on to a winner as well…read more here…

    Comment by gn35 — October 4, 2012 @ 11:51 am

  4. The attacker was described as … wearing a baseball cap and a green and blue hooded sweatshirt with horizontal stripes.

    Eugh… I hope the police arrest the little shit for crimes against fashion, too.

    Comment by Phil — October 4, 2012 @ 12:11 pm

  5. What about parking tickets that you get in the CBD and you dunno what they’re for? Helping people implies you will actually tell them what they have done wrong (in more than generic terms, when needed) so they won’t do it again, but not doing it again decreases revenue.

    Comment by Dan — October 4, 2012 @ 5:55 pm

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