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April 7, 2014


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The Young Nats had their ball in the weekend. The photostream of the event is here. Social Development Minister Paula Bennett was in attendence, along with the PM and the Justice Minister, but I mentioned Bennett first because:






Via Lyndon Hood

Keep ’em coming and I’ll keep posting them.

January 14, 2013

Variation in Apricot

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By popular request (no one actually requested it, as such, but I could sense you all wanted it), the artwork Variation in Apricot by Meg Gibbs, donated to Parliament by the National Caucus Wives in 1981, critiqued by Chris Finlayson in a recent Herald piece.


March 13, 2012

Recycled poetry of the day

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Cactus Kate is gloating after an endorsement from Shelley, which reminds me that (a) I failed to highlight this opening paragraph from one of her recent columns:

On Thursday last week I was power walking about fifty-metres behind the Hosking-Hawkesby newlyweds, who were taking their grooms-dog for its morning walk, when up ahead I spied an obstacle.

And (b) I should take this opportunity to post my Shelley/Denis Glover inspired poem from the (sadly unjudged) Shelley Writes the Classics competition:

Tom and Elizabeth bought the farm
With their finance company bread
Magpies are passerine birds of the crow family
Wikipedia said

Tom got an interest free third party loan
And Elizabeth’s Peugeot was red
Magpies are passerine birds of the crow family
Wikipedia said

They didn’t spend much time there
They took fabulous European holidays instead
Magpies are passerine birds of the crow family
Wikipedia said

The courts and the serious fraud office tried to take it away
But Tom’s clever lawyer stopped them dead
Magpies are passerine birds of the crow family
Wikipedia said

The farms still there
Their kids go quad-biking out there most days
Magpies are passerine birds of the crow family
Wikipedia says

March 5, 2012

Hard to know why Peter Jackson bothers to try and compete

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Wikipedia tries to explain.

August 9, 2011

Maybe blogging about it will stop me from humming ‘Hang the DJ’

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I don’t have many deep thoughts on the London riots. The political situation is that the wealthiest sector of society wrecked their economy and the burden of paying for it is falling on the poorest, and there’s an obvious injustice there. But I don’t think the gangs of teenagers looting Footlocker stores are really motivated by issues of equity.

Also, I like this AP photo of a burning bus. If Turner painted pictures of 21st century looting epidemics I think they’d look like this:

June 13, 2011

Portrait of the day, pretty much how I imagined him edition

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Alan Moore, by Frank Quitely.

October 25, 2010

Labour Weekend

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Yes, I planted tomatoes. An heirloom tomato and a cherry tomato, surrounded by basil, marigolds and mustard. We shall see.

I went into town to buy a book and passed by the Rally of Hope. Weird to see young children waving ‘We Love Warners’ signs. I picked up a copy of Franzen’s new book Freedom. Verdict after the first hundred pages: it’s a little like a modern version of Answered Prayers; not as well written but, you know, finished.

Tried to see the World Press Photo exhibit but we asked for directions at one of the waterfront sheds and a kindly gentleman told us the exhibit was on at Te Papa at the other end of the waterfront, which was not actually true: but they did have the Brian Brake exhibit, which I recommend highly – and if you like the pictures you can buy reproductions from Te Papa for as little as $1700 dollars. Really.

Thinking about Labour Day I thought of a cunning plan for the National Party: they could have an MP put up a private members bill revoking Labour Day – arguing that it no longer has relevance for the majority of New Zealanders – and replace it with Matariki in the mid-winter, asking the Maori Party to endorse the bill. Wedge issue, baby!

October 13, 2010

More surrealism

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An internet found object: Tau Henare’s twitter feed approx 2:28 PM, Wednesday 13 October 2010.

October 12, 2010

Image of the day, le fils de Helensville edition

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Thanks to Will de Cleene. The caption contest winner and another variation after the break:


June 25, 2010

More 50s book covers

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